Our High-precision Vice enables you to produce the world's competitive mold and die.

BUHINKO Co.LTD,  is the Japanese mold jig and mold parts producing company. We are proud of how we have contributed the world technology innovation .

The World's top precision Vise (Accuracy of jig is with in 0.0005 ~ 0.002)enable you to produce very high quality mold and die.

Our Precisition Vise has no error !!

Our Products

The World's top precision Vise

 ✔Clamp parts accurate

 ✔Clamp parts without margin.


BUHINKO Co., acquired the patent right for our originally produced vise in June 2016.


High - precision parts enables you to produce the worlds competitive products.

Our Products Advantage

If you use our Vise, then .....

✔ Can be set by EVERYBODY
✔ Can be set EASILY
✔ Can be set Within 1 MINUTE

Originally Producing Ultra Precise Vise

We suceeded to develop "The wedge-shaped" vise. This vise enable to clamp parts without any mergin.

Patented as No.5973100

side view

front view

Our global customers

Not only but also, BUHINKO has delivered our products in Thailand. We will open our sales office in Philippines.

We can deliver our products to the world.

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